How: CPU-Temperature/Shutdown-detection with XL-266

From: Mirko Doelle, DG2FER (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 14:32:39 EST


I want to get a warning when the Alpha is going to auto power
off because of overheat. Goal is to shut down system before so
I have a clean system when I restart it.
Does anybody know where the current CPU temperature is stored
or where a warning flagg is rised by the hardware just before
it will power off?

Background: a very warm office with south-faced window and no
air conditioning. The Alpha ran into overheat twice since today
and I fear in this warm summer it may happen more often. I'll
go and buy some extra fans, but probably it won't last cause
the environment temperature gets too high.

With best regards,

Mirko Doelle, DG2FER
German Amateur Radio Station
Gausstr. 4
37083 Goettingen

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