RE: PCI configuration problem in 2.3.99 prex

From: Soohoon Lee (
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 13:20:58 EST

> Did you encounter an actual problem here? Or did you just
> think that things weren't as symmetric as you thought they
> should be?

Yes, with 2.3.99-pre3, 3Com doesn't work on PCI1 on UP2000.
Its configured value is usually 0x200000000-0x20000003f for I/O resource.
And the value didn't work for 3COM. I don't know if there're more devices.
Maybe they have their own protection for low I/O address.

I haven't look at recent version sources but 3Com didn't work even on
PCI0 with 2.3.99-pre6.
I can't remember correctly so this one would not be true.


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