Re: mm->context[NR_CPUS] and pci fix check [was Re: Alpha SCSI error on 2.4.0-test11]

From: David S. Miller (
Date: Fri Dec 15 2000 - 12:11:31 EST

   Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 16:46:26 +0100
   From: Andrea Arcangeli <>

   This one breaks all archs but i386 and alpha. If some arch maintainer likes me
   to update its arch blindly implementing mm_arch structure as an `unsigned long
   context' and fixing up the miscompilation I will do.

Can you name the mm_struct member "context" still instead of
"mm_arch"? Because many ports will simply:

typedef unsigned long mm_arch_t;

Then all the code changes will make the accesses look less
meaningful. Consider:

        if (CTX_VALID(mm->mm_arch))

whereas before the code said:

        if (CTX_VALID(mm->context))

which tells the reader lot more. In fact, retaining the "context" member
name allows most ports to operate with only one change, creating
the asm/mm_arch.h header. You can in fact do this for all ports
which care about MMU tlb contexts (a simple grep such as
egrep -e "m->context" `find . -type f -name "*.[ch]"`
will show you which ports care).

David S. Miller
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