Facts in the Singapore Political Context

From: Turritopsis Dohrnii Teo En Ming (tdteoenming@xxxxxxxxx)
Date: Fri Jul 12 2019 - 21:57:16 EST

Subject/Topic: Facts in the Singapore Political Context

13 JULY 2019 Saturday Singapore Time

Article: Why Singapore voters are asking for Santas Claus as their
ideal politician to challenge the ruling party
Online Platform: The Online Citizen (TOC)
Author: Terry Xu (Singaporean, Chief Editor of The Online Citizen)
Date Published: 25 June 2019
URL: https://www.theonlinecitizen.com/2019/06/25/why-singapore-voters-are-asking-for-a-santas-claus-as-their-ideal-politician-to-challenge-the-ruling-party/

Excerpts from the above news article:

"...we should set out the following facts in the Singapore political context.

- Majority of Singaporeans will not fork out money to support
political causes or parties for change (even if it is a change that
they desire)

- Most if not all Singapore businesses are beholden to the Government
Linked Companies and those associated with it such as NTUC.

- Singapore was ranked fourth on Economistâs crony-capitalism index in 2016.

- Most Singaporeans will not stick their neck out for anyone penalised
by the system. Forget what you know about the solidarity of citizens
in Hong Kong, Taiwan or any other democratic country.

(Notes: Mr. Turritopsis Dohrnii Teo En Ming is a 41-year old
Singaporean Targeted Individual (TI) living in Singapore. After
graduating from the National University of Singapore (NUS) 13 years
ago in the year 2007, Mr. Teo En Ming did not have any stable job for
the past 13 years. His employment history is extremely sparse for the
past 13 years. In fact, he is not allowed to work for the past 13
years due to political pressure. In what subtle ways? He keeps getting
fired or is forced to resign for the past 13 years due to political
pressure. Many times he has to accept a job way under his
specialization (university degree and computer networking diploma).
His total Central Provident Fund (CPF) (CPF is a compulsory government
"pension fund" which cannot be withdrawn) savings of SGD$56,969 (as at
27 Jun 2019) shows that he is extremely under-employed and
under-achieved for the past 13 years as compared to his
contemporaries. He has no career progression for the past 13 years,
leading to stagnation or should I even say regression. He is always
forced to accept an entry level/fresh university graduate salary of
SGD$2800 (for IT professionals) or way lower (for mediocre jobs) for
the past 13 years. His longest held job is only 12 months (1 year) in
a small IT company in Singapore from Nov 2017 to Nov 2018. Compared to
his contemporaries, Mr. Teo En Ming has the lowest Socio-Economic
Status (SES) in Singapore and the poorest, even though he has a
Bacheor's degree in Mechanical Engineering (with honors) from NUS, a
diploma in Mechatronics Engineering (with Merit) from Singapore
Polytechnic, and another diploma in Computer Networking (based on
Cisco CCNA curriculum) from Singapore Polytechnic. What an irony! He
lives in a HDB One-Room Rental Flat meant for the extremely poor in
Singapore and he does not have any residential property, not even the
most basic HDB 3-room flat. He has no car and not even a bicycle.
Maybe he will also face difficulties buying toy cars as well. He has
no credit cards at all for the past 13 years. Compared to other
Singaporeans, he travels out of Singapore extremely infrequently due
to a limited purse. Mr. Teo En Ming is an under-privileged
Singaporean. He is a third class citizen in his own country. Maybe he
is worse than third class. 1000th class??)

- Most Singaporeans are grateful to the Peopleâs Action Party for
monetary handouts especially during election year even though the
handouts are financed through the government and not the party.

So what this essentially means â should the complaints of the average
voters be valid â that an ideal political party or politician before
considering its political ideology, should:

- be able to self fund the partyâs activities between elections
because Singaporeans will not donate to political parties and neither
will businesses because Prime Minister Office will be told who are the

"Even the esteemed Dr Tan Cheng Bock will find it hard to please their
standards as a running-candidate in the General Election for his party
does not have the same war chest and the support from the business
community as what his former political party has."

"Most Singaporeans will not stick their neck out for anyone penalised
by the system. Forget what you know about the solidarity of citizens
in Hong Kong, Taiwan or any other democratic country."

The following photos illustrate the stark contrast between a protest
in Hong Kong and a protest in Singapore.

[1] http://i67.tinypic.com/2lc63cw.png

[2] https://i.imgur.com/nfOGSVT.png

[3] https://i.postimg.cc/bJYLqn7p/HK-protest-vs-SG-protest.png


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