I wait for your swift response,

From: Rick Schaech (cathben72@xxxxxxxxx)
Date: Mon Jan 13 2020 - 00:52:27 EST

Dear, I'm Mr Rick Schaech, I am the General Account Auditor, Though i
know we have not meet each other before but sometimes in life God have
a reason of bringing two people from two different countries together
as business partners or life partners.

My dear friend, I have the sum of 15.7 Million USD i wish to put in
your name due to the death of my late client who died several years
ago as his next of kin column still remain blank. Though the internet
medium is highly abuse these days but am assuring you that this
transaction is legitimate and I am contacting you that we may have a
deal, note for your cooperation and collaboration 40% of the sum will
be for you while the other 60% will be for me as well. I wait for your
swift response for more details. please forward your response to my
personal E-mail: rickschaech@xxxxxxxxx

Yours sincerely,
Rick Schaech.