util-linux-2.5 patch available (for DEC Alpha)

David Mosberger-Tang (davidm@AZStarNet.com)
Thu, 9 Nov 1995 23:49:37 -0700

A patch that gets at least all util-linux-2.5 program to compile under
Linux/Alpha is available at:


It's a small patch (10KB compressed) and contains Erik Troan's fixes
to fdisk. Currently known problems:

- more doesn't work properly (something with the termio
initialization is broken---I use less, so I'm not very
eager to fix it)

- syslogd (as well as other programs) may or may not work---I
didn't test them

Programs that are known to be good include mount, cal, agetty, login,
kbdrate and anything else that I tried so far (how's that for a
statement? :)

In summary: I think the utilities work pretty well. Feel free to send
a bug report if something doesn't.

A note to the util-linux maintainer(s): the "clock" program changed
quite a bit on the Alpha. It's probably not too difficult to come up
with a unified version, but I haven't bothered yet trying to do this.
Maybe it's best to keep the sources separate for now.