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Fri, 10 Nov 95 20:54:25 -0500


You mentioned in some previous mail re: the 1.3.38 release:

"some memory management fixes to fix the buffer cache handling. It
should work now, but I'll have to clean it up a bit more still.. "


"...and a few cleanups by yours truly to fix the memcpy
stuff, for example)"

I wanted to give you some feedback on just what those accomplished.

I had been observing that full kernel builds ("make dep; make") on my CABRIO
(64Mb memory and reasonable SCSI disk) had been taking about 17+ minutes.

My latest builds of NONAME and CABRIO kernels, using a 1.3.38-based booted
kernel took 11+ minutes.

Your buffer cache and memcpy "fixups" cut the time by > 30% !!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, maybe there *were* a few other things that might have helped, too, but
it's now easier to believe the "272.xx BogoMIPS" I see during boots... :-)



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