Linux 1.3.40

Linus Torvalds (
Sat, 11 Nov 1995 15:31:33 +0200

I just made linux-1.3.40 available on the normal ftp-sites (
and, mainly in order to get the TCP problem with
readv/writev out of the way. There are also various other changes:

- more module updates and cleanups (and this time they shouldn't break
too badly).
- floppy driver update (mainly cleanups)
- a few minor alpha fixes (keyboard, sound, scsi)
- console driver reports correct VGA/EGA type again, instead of "????"
- new ethernet driver for the ICL EtherTeam by Mika Kuoppala
- better error messages for multisession scsi cdrom code.
- some msdos-fs patches: allow hidden files to be shown as dot-files
etc (Albert Cahalan).
- Ugh.. nice/priority changed _yet again_ in /proc/xxx/stat, but this
time hopefully for the last time. Now the /proc/xxx/stat nice
information is the real nice value (ie -20..20).
- the (bad) TCP bug that resulted in problems for people using new
libraries with the direct readv/writev support should be fixed.

Please do test this out, and report any problems to me,