Where are the docs for Blade0.3?

Christoph Adomeit (ado@bigcomm.gun.de)
Sun, 12 Nov 1995 02:32:10 +0100 (GMT+0100)


I just tried to install blade0.2 on a jensen, but i do not succeed
because I only have one scsi-hard disk. Whenever I write a partition
table the disk I can not boot anymore and whenever i dd the bootimage
to the hd there is no partition-table anymore.
As for as i know there is an ioctl in the kernel to reread the partition
table but this minlabel doesn't seem to call it. I can make partitions
but I cannot make an fs before rebooting:-(

But maybe blade0.3 is better in this ?

But, are there anny doc's for BLADE0.3 ? I cannot find some.

Or does someone has another idea about how to install Linux on a Jensen with
only 1 Harddisk ?

BTW: When will we get MILO for the Jensen ?


Immer guenstige Linux CD's.Besuch mal http://www.niederrhein.de/cdrom.html 
oder schicke eine mail an: cdrom@bigcomm.gun.de