Linux kernel config (was linux-kernel: Re: Linux 1.3.39)

Bernhard Kaindl (
Sun, 12 Nov 1995 07:01:09 +0100 (MET)

On Thu, 9 Nov 1995, David Mosberger-Tang wrote:

>On Thu, 9 Nov 1995 11:15:32 +0200, Linus Torvalds said:
> Linus> - the graphical "make xconfig" should work again, and look
> Linux> a lot better too. Thanks to Eric and David.
> To get the credits right: my contribution was limited to bugging
> Eric---all the good work was done by Eric.

IMHO, Eric does a very good work with xconfig, and I hope I do the same
with menuconfig, Eric's starting point for xconfig!

As I only annouced menuconfig(kmenu) only once many weeks ago, where it
wasn't as complete as it is now, people may be not aware of my menuconfig.

I thank Eric for using the concept of menuconfig and taking my
patches(mainmenu_option, ...), since xconfig is in the distribution, my
pachtes are also! :-) This simplyfied the installation of menuconfig for
newer kernels. :-)

I knew that menuconfig does only text menus and therefore it's not as
easy to use as xconfig, but for systems without tcl/tk setup, menuconfig
is also an alternative to "make config".

I uploaded the newest version as


sunsite:pub/Linux/Incoming and tsx-11:uploads

where it will replace the current versions in

sunsite:pub/Linux/system/kernel/config and tsx-11:pub/linux/sources/sbin.

It has complete support for linux-alpha, -sparc, -mips and -i386 and as
Eric tooks the menuconfig design, the menus are equal to xconfig!

If anyone here can approve that it works, maybe it can also go in
the distribution. Please check it out and report any problems and goodies.
If you want to have something changed, mail me.

[>Linus: Feel free to take it, it's so much fun!<]

Here is a sample of a session log:
# make menuconfig
rm -f include/asm
( cd include ; ln -sf asm-alpha asm)
/bin/sh scripts/ arch/alpha/
Using defaults found in .config
Please wait, building menus..........

Kernel configuration of Linux for Alpha machines

1: General setup
2: Loadable module support
3: block devices
4: Networking options
5: SCSI support
6: SCSI low-level drivers
7: Network device support
8: CD-ROM drivers (not for SCSI or IDE/ATAPI drives)
9: Filesystems
10: character devices
11: Sound
12: Configure sound driver
13: Kernel hacking

w: write kernel setup to disk and exit
l: load setup from a file saved by `s'
s: save setup to a file for later use
q: quit without saving changes

Enter an option, [wlsq] or `r' to redisplay the menu.
option: 1

Menu: General setup

1: [Cabriolet] Alpha system type
2: [ ] Using SRM as bootloader
3: [ ] Echo console messages on /dev/ttyS1
4: [ ] TGA Console Support
5: [ ] PCI bridge optimisation (experimental)
6: [Y] Networking support
7: [Y] System V IPC
8: [Y] Kernel support for ELF binaries

b: back to the main menu

Enter an option, [wlsq] or `r' to redisplay the menu.
option: 1
For help on this option, enter any invalid input below, eg.: ?.
Alpha system type (Avanti, Jensen, Noname, Cabriolet, EB66, EB66+, EB64, EB64+)
[Cabriolet] Avanti


> And in case Linus mail wasn't clear on this: yes, this does mean that
> "make xconfig" now works on the Alpha too! It's certainly not
> perfect, but it beats "make config" any time you want to change just
> one or two options.

menuconfig too!

> You'll need tcl/tk for this, but they should compile out of the box
> with 1.3.38 (though you may wanna upgrade to the latest libc first,
> due out sometime today).

You need nothing for menuconfig what you don't need to complile a
kernel(uses only bash, sed and awk).

> --david

Thanks for listening,

- Bernhard