RE: Linux and NT on same disk?

Ka'plaagh 13-Nov-1995 0937 +0000 (
Mon, 13 Nov 95 10:46:08 MET

Ville (and others),
yes it is perfectly possible to install Linux and Windows NT
on the same disk and to choose the OS at boot time. Stick with
the Windows NT ARC firmware and boot Linux using Milo as one of
the boot options. I used fdisk to format a disk with a small
DOS partition, an NTFS partition and an EXT2 partition. Milo and
linload.exe go into the DOS partition (along with the WNT osloader).
I've just updated my milo.howto which describes all this in
detail and this will filter out into the net over the next couple of

Unfortunately for you, this option is not available for
the Jensen - a slight lack of PALcode...