Linux 1.3.41

Linus Torvalds (
Mon, 13 Nov 1995 12:31:18 +0200

Ok, 1.3.41 is out, and fixes

- silly Linux/alpha floppy driver problems fixed
- Linux/alpha programmable timer initialization removed: it messed up
on at least my Cabriolet machine.
- mcd/mcdx updates
- cyclades driver update
- various minor net driver changes (3c505 interrupt handling changes,
arcnet should work again, and eth16i should compile as a module).
- aha2940 driver update: it should work for the 394x Ultra too now.
- SCSI driver reset handling fixes
- msdosfs by default does _not_ use the dot-notation for hidden files,
as it makes it rather hard to use the DOS emulator.

1.3.41 is mainly a cleanup release, making ready for the next major
release (as everybody knows, 42 is _the_ answer..)

- I'd be happy to make these kernel patch announcements somewhere else,
but not in the actual source code (I'm way too disorganized for that:
I make the announcements only _after_ having made the release, by
looking through the patches). People have wondered, but for now the
kernel mailing list is the easiest thing for me. Hopefully vger will
keep up better (it certainly seems to be much better than a few weeks
- I'm hoping to go to code-freeze for 1.4.x at the end of the year.
We'll have a code-freeze of a month or two, with 1.4.0 out in late
February or early March. That's the plan, anyway. Any developers,
speak up..
- I may actually move to 2.0.x instead of 1.4.x: I wanted 2.x to be a
multiplatform release, and we already have that. Discussion (within
reason) on this is welcome..