Re: Linux/AlphaStation 400 again

Fred Roy (
Mon, 13 Nov 95 15:29:04 +0100

I've received two responses to my Nov. 9 mail, from David Mosberger-Tang
and Paul Caffrey. Thank you both very much.

I duplicate below the response I got from Paul Caffrey
<>, because no copy was addressed to linux-alpha:

< I dont think so, the 400 4/166 I have is a KDA0D02 cpu which is an Avanti. The
< 4/233 is just a plug-in replacment for the cpu card. I have no idea what cpu
< number the 200 series comes up with.

As this 2nd response was giving me a chance, I tried to boot on my AlphaS
400 using bootdsk-avanti-1.3.37.img.gz prepared by David on 07 Nov (cf.
"new 1.3.37 kernel patches"):

* Support for "TGA" graphics seems ok (I used the ZLxp-Ex PCI board
without reconfiguration).
* But the "scsi0: test1" fails: "timeout due to lost interrupt".
* Also, the keyboard inputs do not seem to work (at least the echo is off),
or were disabled because of scsi test failure (?): nothing happens when I
press <return>, aaa, etc. when invited to enter the root floppy disk.

So the status for SCSI seems close to the one you mentionned David for
the Avanti on AlphaStation 200. Unfortunatly I have not enough kernel
expertise to try to find a way in kernel sources...