David Mosberger-Tang (
Mon, 13 Nov 1995 08:15:24 -0700

[This is a resent mail---got the address wrong the first time...]

Currently libc-0.36 is being uploaded to my ftp site
( When finished, the files
will have the following sizes:

2480396 inc-and-libs.0.36.tar.gz
1987604 libc-linux-0.36.tar.gz

- Various things that used to be in inc-and-libs are now
gone. In particular ncurses, the flex library, and some
stale stuff (like libprof2.a). Linux/Alpha is now in
good enough shape that it's easier to get those things
directly rather than risking running with incompatible

- _PATH_UTMP and _PATH_WTMP now use /var/log/whatever instead
of /var/adm. This, I'm being told, is the new standard for
Linux systems.

- Lots of cleanup in the math library. The library should no
longer generate non-finite results (instead, EDOM is returned
in case of error). This makes a lot of programs run smoother.
For example, it now gets through the entire tcl and tk testsuites
and povray doesn't get any FP exceptions anymore either. I
also started preparing the sources for full IEEE support (which
will require an updated gcc). Of course, it's likely that I
broke something, but overall the mathlib seems to work a lot better
than it used to.