Re: Diffs/patches for X server?

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Mon, 13 Nov 95 10:31:53 -0500

> After having gotten things running for the most part, I am having problems
> with the X server from the digital site; it does not seem to respond to
> the serial mouse I have, and I was wondering if anyone might know where
> I could get the needed changes to the X server source to compile it.
> (This is under 1.3.40.) Or any other pointers about this.
> Beyond that, I'm simply impressed by how well everything works and all
> the effort people have put into it.
> Thanks,
> Kim
> (Who finally realized that his video problems were caused by a broken video
> card.)

Serial mouse requires the following setup:

1. /etc/XF86Config must define the Protocol and Device correctly.

I've used:
Protocol "Microsoft"

successfully with a Logitech Serial 3-button mouse

2. /dev/mouse must be linked to the correct device, or must have
the same major/minor as the correct device.

I've done both, but typically:

XF86Config has: Device "/dev/mouse"

ln -s /dev/ttyS0 /dev/mouse

The above should at least make the correct connection. Note that you might
have to modify the "Protocol" in XF86Config for the particular mouse you have.
The Logitech mouse I have didn't work correctly with Protocol "Logitech", but
does with "Microsoft".


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