Linux/AlphaStation 200
Mon, 13 Nov 95 23:42:44 MET

I've been tring to get the Linux/AXP boot disk to work that
David Mosberger-Tang put together - (kernels 1.3.35 & 1.3.37).

Firstly, the ramdisk=1440 flag in the boot line typed in at SRM console
produces an error of device ramdisk=1440 not found. Then booting
continues and the following happens ...

switching to OSF/1 PALcode ..
loading vmlinux...Ok, now starting the kernel

Halt CPU 0

and I'm back at ">>>"

Has anyone done this on an AlphaStation 200 ?

Can anybody help with this ?

Thanks in Advance
Steve Rogers

PS I'm also running NT 3.51 using ARC console 4.37
The SRM console version for OSF/1 (Digital Unix) is X0-29