OSF/1 binaries

Steven J. Madsen (smadsen@cs.muohio.edu)
Mon, 13 Nov 1995 20:07:46 -0500 (EST)

I've been following the discussions here mostly out of curiosity,
but I have an application for Linux/Alpha and I was wondering how feasible
it might be to pursue it.

Here at our school's computer labs we have a "spare" AlphaPC, one of
the 150 MHz variety, that a professor is no longer using. It used to run
NT. We have had a trying time getting this box to run OSF/1 3.0 to turn it
into a database server running Oracle. The firmware is out of date, and the
ROMs on the SCSI controller are so old that OSF/1 3.0 doesn't like booting.

1) Will Linux/Alpha run on this hardware? Unfortunately I do not
know the specifics of the bus or other parts of the system. If it is
important, I can find them out.

2) I know that some OSF/1 binaries will run on Linux/Alpha, or at
least did at some point. Does Linux/Alpha support enough of the system
calls of OSF/1 to run Oracle? If Oracle is not statically linked, is it a
moot point? (I never saw anything that hinted that shared libraries were
support, and would be really surprised if they were.)

Steve Madsen  <smadsen@cs.muohio.edu>
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