RE: OSF/1 binaries

Ka'plaagh 14-Nov-1995 0954 +0000 (
Tue, 14 Nov 95 11:03:18 MET


" Here at our school's computer labs we have a "spare" AlphaPC, one of
the 150 MHz variety, that a professor is no longer using. It used to run
NT. We have had a trying time getting this box to run OSF/1 3.0 to turn it
into a database server running Oracle. The firmware is out of date, and the
ROMs on the SCSI controller are so old that OSF/1 3.0 doesn't like booting.

> That's a Jensen and, yes it will boot Linux via the SRM console (in fact
> that's the only way that it will as there is no Milo for it.
> As for Digital Unix binaries running on Linux, right now only statically
> linked binaries will make the transition (both ways). However, should
> someone implement shared libraries in the same way that Digital Unix
> does it then even shared library images could swap. I did see a flurry
> of debate on this on the net but that seems to have dried up now...
> Dave