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Tue, 14 Nov 1995 21:16:06 +0100 (MEZ)

> my responses start with >
> I know, this may sounds silly, but I'm a little bit confused in how to
>install BLADE 0.3. Should I first install BLADE 0.2 and upgrade then
>to BLADE 0.3 or is there an other solution. I missed a kind of
>> Install with BLADE 0.3, don't install BLADE 0.2 and then
>> upgrade as BLADE 0.3 is a complete ground up installation.
>> Or rather, it will be when Jim's finished which should be
>> soon.

As far as I can see installation is like installing blade0.1.
The noname boot floppy (noname_milo_and_vmlinux_disk) will boot from Milo.
After that one can choose between fdisk (as in intel Linux) and
minlabel (as in blade 0.1/0.2) partitioning.
I expect (have not tested et) installation to be verry easy, partition
disk, make file system, mount filesystem, install_subset etc.

> Any help is welcome, besides I use SRM console I didn't find any
>boot_ and root_disk for it. Do I have to install MILO for that. I'm
>not happy to delete the SRM console, because as far as I know you
>didn't catch it via ftp from DEC or do I have missed there some
>> Jim will have to answer this but why do you wish to retain
>> the SRM? Unless you want to dual boot Digital Unix
>> and Linux, I'd avoid it as it takes up memory (around 3Mbytes)
>> providing services that Linux *never* uses.

I think installation will be possible from the SRM console, if a bootable
floppy is available with a recent kernel. Using Milo has some advantages
however, besides the extra memory, Milo will boot easely from files somewhere
in a filesystem. I would say try booting with Milo first. You always can get
the SRM console back (see files in*.*).

Upgrading from SRM to Milo is possible without changing jumpers. First change
to the ARC console using the file fw_v1_35.image from the pci directory,
then upgrade to Milo, see milo.howto.

Getting SRM back will then require some chages to jumpers I think. You can
also first try Milo without installing Milo. Milo itself can be booted from the
ARC console, afterwards the SRM console can be reinstalled from the ARC
console using fwupdate.exe from the pci directory.

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