RE: OSF/1 binaries

Jay A Estabrook (
Tue, 14 Nov 1995 23:15:11 -0500


>Note that there is no X server available for the Jensen at this point.

Well, not *strictly* true; one *could* pop an ISA S3-based card into a
JENSEN (*many* #9GXE's were shipped on JENSEN with NT). Then all that
would be necessary would be to rebuild the XF86_S3 server with the
following restrictions:

1. the "libc" it gets linked with would have to do the "Jensen swizzle",
for I/O space (register) accesses (ie 7-bit shift, not 5...). Not a
big problem, as it'd be invisible to the server code.

2. the server would need to be instructed to make *NO* direct memory
accesses, which fortunately the S3 server running the 928 chipset
*can* live without. This is because the JENSEN does *NOT* support
DENSE space memory accesses, which is the only thing the server knows
about (actually it thinks its looking at normal memory :-).
Changing the server to do SPARSE space
accesses would force the programmer to do *UNSPEAKABLE* things to the
code. I know; I've been there, and done that (or at least watched it
done... :-).

>I've been considering looking into exactly what the DEC X server needs
>from the system, to see if I can make the DEC X server work under Linux,
>but we'll see..

It needs much too much special hand-holding, as I noted in other mail to
David Miller. Don't spend your valuable time on this... :-)