re: LA on a AlphaServer 600 5/266

Neal. (
Wed, 15 Nov 95 10:49:18 MET

Subj: LA on a AlphaServer 600 5/266

Dave Dillow writes:

>>Anyone try this yet? The main differences I can readily spot
>>are the 64bit PCI bus and that it uses the 21164. I may try the latest kernels
>>and see if they work at all, though I am not very hopeful...
>>(We got one on a short loan, and I want to see if it is *really* usable...) :)

Hmm, highly unlikely. You need 21164 PALcode. Unless you have a way of
starting up the image without swapping out of the existing PALcode (which might
work if you boot via the SRM) then you will be running with 21064 PALcode, and
the memory management and, well, everything really, will be wrong.

Also, the way of accessing I/O is different on this machine, as is the
interrupt structure.

Apart from that, you may be lucky ;-)

The AlphaServer 600 5/266, aka ALCOR (don't you just love an internal codename)
is based around the 21171 chipset (aka ALCOR chipset)

the solution (nobody likes this answer) is *wait* a while. The 21171 chipset
will be supported as part of the effort to support EB164. From there to
600 5/266 support is a relatively small step...