Avanti vs AlphaStations 200/400

Fred Roy (froy@gr.osf.org)
Wed, 15 Nov 95 10:13:25 +0100

I [froy] am not able to respond to you [przemek]; could somebody in
alpha-linux clarify the point ? fred

From: przemek@rrdjazz.nist.gov (Przemek Klosowski)
Subject: Re: Linux/AlphaStation 400 again

I have a 200 4/166, and your letter got me confused. I always thought that
200s and Avanti is the same thing; your correspondent (Paul Caffrey)

< I dont think so, the 400 4/166 I have is a KDA0D02 cpu which is an Avanti. The
< 4/233 is just a plug-in replacment for the cpu card. I have no idea what cpu
< number the 200 series comes up with.

which suggests that 400 are called AVANTI, not 200s. Is it conceivable that
both 400 and 200 have avanti motherboard, and that the only difference is
the box/number of drive bays/power supply/etc/etc?