re:LA on a AlphaServer 600 5/266

David Brash 830-6163 REO2-F/B3 15-Nov-1995 0856 +0000 (
Wed, 15 Nov 95 10:19:28 MET

The differences are nontrivial. The Alpha architecture and its
implementation need to be considered independently.

o The IPR's (internal processor registers) of the 21164 are
significantly different from the 21064/66

o The system support logic (2117x versus 2107x) is also very
different in its register set, although basically performing
the same function.

We are working on MILO for the EB164 in Reading, UK. This will resolve
the processor and platform specific issues related to the system chipset.
The interesting point is that both the EB164 (Digital Semiconductor's
reference design) and 21164 based workstations from Digital use the same
system logic. There will be IO differences, but an EB164 => 600 5/266 could
prove to be a very straightforward port for the linux community.

I mentioned that there is significant work to be done. We have set a goal
of getting a MILO release out via ftp by the end of the calendar year. It
will be 2-3 weeks before we can make a better judgement call. A little
patience appreciated,


From: VBORMC::"" "Dave Dillow" 15-NOV-1995 02:35:43.04
Subj: LA on a AlphaServer 600 5/266

Anyone try this yet? The main differences I can readily spot
are the 64bit PCI bus and that it uses the 21164. I may try the latest kernels
and see if they work at all, though I am not very hopeful...
(We got one on a short loan, and I want to see if it is *really* usable...) :)

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