Thanks, Info and again question

Torsten Zirzlaff (zirzlaff@satchmo.physik.TU-Berlin.DE)
Wed, 15 Nov 95 12:23:23 +0100

First of all, thanks for all respondings to my unexperienced

I don't know if somebody knew but the Humbold-University in Berlin
also mirror the Linux-Alpha part of including BLADE. I
think this could be helpfull for all persons who had some difficult in
reaching the other mirrors in Europe. I hope this information might be
useful for someone.

And here again a rather stupid question. I just want to know if the
X-S3 server works with Diamond Stealth 64 (Trio64) and of cause if
MILO could handle this graphics card. I won't belive what trouble I
had in retreiving a grahics card. Every time when I asked for one of
cards listend in the FAQ they got big sorrow eyes and then they told
you:' Sorry this card is too old, how about this one .....'

After a little bit reading I found that the Diamond Stealth is
supported by the intel S3 server, but what's about the ALPHA one? If
not suported what could I do to made it supported?

Thanks in advance.



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