Re: urgent warning---don't use 1.3.4[41]

David Mosberger-Tang (
Wed, 15 Nov 1995 07:45:41 -0700

>>>>> On Wed, 15 Nov 95 10:31:35 MET, "Ka'plaagh 15-Nov-1995 0924 +0000" <> said:

Dave.R> All, I can verify that, my disk got trashed last night the
Dave.R> moment I touched the floppy on my AlphaPC64. By the way,
Dave.R> this is *not* true for the Universal Desktop Box (aka
Dave.R> Multia) and probably not for Noname...

Actually, the bug is not Cabriolet specific. But it may be that for
some reason it doesn't show (frequently) on the Multia and Noname. I
would stay away from those kernels anyway. My fix seems to work, but
I haven't tested it enough yet to make sure...