X11 on Alpha

Ville Steudle (ville@finland.hb.north.de)
Wed, 15 Nov 1995 21:18:42 +0100 (MET)

Hi Jay,

On 14-Nov-95 you wrote:

> Well, not *strictly* true; one *could* pop an ISA S3-based card into a
> JENSEN (*many* #9GXE's were shipped on JENSEN with NT).

In Germany, "a lot" of Jensens were shipped with the ELSA Winner 1000
EISA graphics adapter which is well supported by the XFree86/Intel
server. It is based on the S3-928 and can map its screen memory into the
32 bit EISA address space, as far as I understand.

> 2. the server would need to be instructed to make *NO* direct memory
> accesses,
> This is because the JENSEN does *NOT* support
> DENSE space memory accesses, which is the only thing the server knows

I am not familiar enough with the Alpha/Jensen architecture to understand
this problem; could you please briefly explain DENSE/SPARSE memory accesses?

Regards, Ville