Linux 1.3.42

Linus Torvalds (
Thu, 16 Nov 1995 10:03:40 +0200

Linux-1.3.42 is just released, and does:

- new and improved ("25% more for the SAME price!") BusLogic SCSI
driver. Should be much better at handling error conditions, and
generally faster etc. Thanks to Leonard Zubkoff..
- SMP should compile and work again. Alan Cox.
- networking drivers updated (8390-based cards). Paul Gortmaker.
- minor alpha patches (floppy should be ok again). David M-T.
- updated setup.S for i386, maybe better video card handling..
- ioctl problems that plagued ppp, floppy and sound should be fixed.
- various minor optimizations
- cyclades serial multiport driver update: this could make a big
difference for some network providers..
- you can use NFS as your root filesystem (Gero Kuhlmann)
- various networking fixes (routing, etc) by Alan Cox and his merry

In short, this is _the_ answer to all your problems, and now you know
what THHGTTG was all about. Test this, and you'll probably get a new
job, get laid, and the IRS will completely forget about you next year.