Linux, Multia, X and BLADE

Ketil Z Malde (
Thu, 16 Nov 1995 17:09:24 +0100


Linux is now running beautifully with NFS mounts and everything --
however I have some more questions:

o The BLADE B-distribution seems to recognize only 9 of the 11 disks,
what's the deal here? It seems to work, though, so it's not a big

o How is the plans for X on the TGA platform? From some docs, it
appears that TGA can emulate the S3-928 at least, and possibly also
VGA (though I suspect it only complies with the VGA screen resolution
and refresh -- a VGA mode, not VGA routines)

How difficult would it be to port XFree to TGA? I can get some
students here to work on a project, but if somebody already are
working on the port, there's probably no need for us to do the same

How far is NetBSD away from running X on TGA, and how portable will
that port be to linux?