ftape-2.02e patches for Linux/Alpha

David Mosberger-Tang (davidm@AZStarNet.com)
Thu, 16 Nov 1995 08:20:55 -0700

OK, to put my code where my words are: I just uploaded a patchfile
that should get ftape-2.02e working on the Alpha. The patch is at:


Except for timer calibration, all changes are trivial so I'm fairly
certain the code should still work on an x86, but I cannot test this
myself. I tested ftape with a versioned linux 1.3.41 kernel
(CONFIG_MODVERSIONS is on) using the BFD-based insmod that is also on
my ftp site (insmod-bfd-0.0.tar.gz). Notice that some of the changes
will also be needed on the x86 platform as the kernel changed the
module interface around 1.3.40. I'd *like* to integreate these
patches with zftape, but there are a couple of other (more pressing?)
things that I may need to do first before I could get back to do this.
But what's there should be working quite well.

A few minor kernel patches that are necessary to get this *really*
working are forthcoming.