David Mosberger-Tang (
Sun, 1 Sep 1996 21:57:52 -0700

The latest kernel patch relative to Linus's 2.0.16 is now available as:

There is one major new feature: it is now possible to build a kernel
with _both_ VGA and TGA support enabled. For the most part, this is
code by Erik Troan---I simply fixed a minor bug and optimized the
code. In particular, I recoded the performance-critical inner loops
in the console driver so that the performance impact is minimized. In
fact, on a 275MHz Cabriolet with an S3 card (#9 GXE64 PCI), I measured
the time to do a "cat /etc/termcap" on the console and got:

old kernel (VGA only): 3.44 seconds
new kernel with both VGA & TGA enabled: 3.58 seconds
new kernel with only VGA enabled: 2.99 seconds

The interesting thing here is that the code for the second and third
case is actually identical---only the layout is different due to the
additional (but unused) TGA code. So, I'm quite happy with the
numbers. Size-wise the overhead is also very minimal.

One caveat: I have tested this patch on a Cabriolet with a VGA and an
Alcor with a TGA. The case where a system contains both a VGA and a
TGA is supposed to work, too (with the TGA being used as the console),
but I cannot test that. If you can test this, I'd be interested in
knowing how it does.