Re: ANNOUNCE: XFree86 Matrox Millenium News

David Mosberger-Tang (
02 Sep 1996 10:12:20 -0700

Since they're looking for people with Matrox Milleniums on Alphas, I
thought I'd forward this here.


Andrew Vanderstock <> writes:

> Hi there,
> A team has been formed to write the Matrox driver. Thanks go to
> <a href="">Andrew Aitchison</a> for
> getting this effort off the ground.
> Matrox will be giving us the needed documentation and the ability
> to publish the source code freely, so we will be joining the
> XFree86 project.
> Hopefully the driver will eventually join the XFree86 source
> tree in a few weeks to a couple of months. A pre-release driver
> will be announced when it is ready for public consumption.
> The team's web page is:
> There will be a mailing list in a few days. An announcement will be
> made as soon as it is going.
> We are still after people who would be interested in doing actual
> coding. You have to like x86 assembly language, don't mind your
> unix box crashing a lot, and can work in an international team of
> co-coders. We are also looking for non-Linux and non-Intel coders
> or testers. We are at the planning stage, and are currently without
> documentation, but we want something to happen really soon.
> Most of the current team are using Linux, but the project is
> Xfree86 compatible, not just Linux compatible. We are are also
> looking at x-platform compatibility. Does anyone use any variant
> of XFree86 on any other CPU besides Intel compatible CPUs (such
> as the DEC Alpha, PowerPC, MIPS, Sparc, etc)? If so, we'd like
> to hear from you if you want to use a Matrox PCI card on your
> system.
> have fun
> Andrew Vanderstock

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