Re: Apache httpd & AXP-LINUX

Koyama Tadayoshi (
Fri, 06 Sep 1996 09:22:06 +0900 wrote:
> I just looked at this (its linux-tcp.html, not linux-top.html,
> BTW), and this is _NOT_ the solution. Thanks for trying, though.

Sorry Scott,

I missed the point.

BTW, are you still using 1.0.5? You should upgrade to 1.1.1. When I
compile 1.1.1, All I need to make it is to edit the Configration to
add - lm to "EXTRA_LIBS=" and remove the comment mark from
"AUX_CFLAGS= -DLINUX" line, then ./Configura and make.

[from your old message]
> Where did you get v1.1.1? I have 1.0.5. I'll check the RedHat
>site again. I tried to compile 1.1.1 a while ago, but no luck. We have
>someone from the Apache project that is supposed to be compiling
>Apache-SSL for us, but its taking a while.