Re: 2.2.{9,10} strangeness

Christian Iseli (
Sat, 19 Jun 1999 07:20:48 +0200

Hi folks, said:
> I'm experiencing strange things with kernels 2.2.10 and 2.2.9 on alpha
> pc164.

For whatever it's worth, I have had very similar problems.

I have an Aspen Durango II, i.e., AlphaPC 164LX.

After installing kernel 2.2.7 I started seeing random SEGV while compiling
various things. Strange thing was that the system seemed pretty stable
otherwise. AFAIK, my RAM has ECC, but the 164lx kernel seems to take
no notice of that. Other alpha flavour seem to include some ECC handling
in the kernel (grep ECC in the source to see which).

Anyway, for a while I thought I (or the machine) was going nuts. I even
tried replacing all the RAM DIMMs with new ones, and that didn't change

I then tried several kernel versions, with and without ac patches. After
backing out to 2.2.3, the problems disappeared...

So my guess is that there is something fishy with kernels 2.2.x, starting with
x around 4...

My best method to expose the problems was to run the egcs testsuite and
look for compilation errors (i.e., failed compilation, *not* failed execution.)
I'd run the test suite a few times and compare the results. Differences
due to failed compilation occured when cc1 received some random SIGSEGV...

Not much help, I know, but maybe you will feel less alone... ;-)