Montavista HardHat duplicating Ingo's low-latency work ?

From: Benno Senoner (
Date: Sun Feb 06 2000 - 17:25:07 EST

I've just read the pressrelease about MontaVista "HardHat", about enhancing the
realtime performance of linux
here the relevant snippet:

Building upon a "one hundred percent pure Linux" base, MontaVista is
   characterizing driver-level and user process response characteristics in the
   Linux kernel and engineering a range of improvements to enable guaranteed
   single-millisecond response times. All such enhancements will be released back
   to the open source community under the Gnu Public License.
Technical Details MontaVista improvements in Linux soft real-time
   performance include reduction in worst-case interrupt blocking times,
   development of a fixed-priority real-time scheduler with constant dispatch
   overhead, and methods for dramatically improving process-level response

Single millisecond precision is already possible with Ingo's low-latency patches, I was wondering if Montavista will cooperate with Ingo's low-latency work, or if they are doing their own low-latency implementation ? (It would be preferable cooperating with the kernel developers, in order to avoid duplication and/or incopatible overlaps).

Any thoughts ?


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