Re: Capturing all keys on more-than-102-keys keyboards

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Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 09:48:03 EST

On Wed, Feb 09, 2000 at 02:06:19PM +0100, Francis GALIEGUE wrote:

> You can find more and more keyboards with extra keys, such as media
> players control keys (Start, Stop, Pause, etc.), sleep and so on.
> The problem is: the scancodes won't even show on a showkey -s!
> The question is: what to change and where? I'd like the kernel to at
> least tell "Unknown scancode: <the_scancode>", but how can I do that?

Roughly speaking (that is, apart from some `protocol' scancodes)
showkey -s will show you everything the keyboard produces.
So, when showkey -s doesnt show anything that is because the
keyboard does not produce anything, and no kernel patch
will change that.

So, no doubt these keyboards must be initialized in some way,
unknown to me. If you have one, I suppose it would come
with software that makes it work, and you can trace the
software to see what it sends to the keyboard.

Most of what I know about keyboard scancodes can be found at
Additions and corrections are welcome.

Andries -

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