Linux on the TI-89/92[+]???

From: Kenneth Arnold (
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 22:14:38 EST

Just wondering: since Linux supports the M68k family
down to the M68020 last I checked, would it be _even
remotely possible_ to do a port to the TI-89 /
TI-92[+], which are graphing calculators based on the

Well, that is, without writing an emulator for a
processor that it does support?

I know that there must be some significant differences
between the 68000 and the 68020 that make the former
less capable, but it is so tantilizingly close...

uClinux? port of ELKS?

By the way, these TI calculators have a quite wide
user base, especially among the "geek" high-school and
college students, but they are notorious for crashing
on compiled / assembled games and other programs and
having odd differences in hardware and ROM versions.
Having a Linux port would not only be cool, it would
show off how stable and nice Linux is to possibly many
more people.

Now some M68k guy is going to tell me it isn't
possible, and I'll get all disappointed and stuff :-(.

But then some nice person will figure it out, and even
submit a patch to get a kernel to boot ;-).


Please CC to me when replying. Thanks.


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