OSS/FREE Does it support Duplex Capability!?

From: Rajendran Kolandasamy (rajendran.kolandasamy@wipro.com)
Date: Sun Jun 04 2000 - 23:56:15 EST

Hi All,

        This is a query regarding my OSS/Free sound driver for linux.

        The version of the driver Iam using is OSS/Free:3.8s2++-971130.

        My Linux version is Redhat Linux 6.1 Release 2.2.12-20.

        My sound card configuration is as given in the attachment.

        I want to know whether the driver what I have mentioned supports DUPLEX

        It will be helpful if you could clarify me this query. Also help me in
making the Linux sound capability to Full Duplex. To make this possible
should I buy some drivers? If so please send me the price details of a Full
Duplex driver.

        Also with this mail, I have attached a test program for Duplex testing
which is a multithreaded program. You please test the same on any of your
Full Duplex driver and suggest me any coding changes. The objective of that
test program is to PLAY and RECORD sound simultaneously.

        So here are the attachment list.

                1. Soundcard Configuration. (oss.txt)
                2. Test Program Source. (thrdapp.cxx)
                3. Test Program Executable. (thrdapp)

        Expecting your valuable reply at the earliest.

        PS: PLEASE CC: mailto:rajendran.kolandasamy@wipro.com me the replies on
this query as I'm not subcribed to mailing-list.

Thanks & Regards
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