tools to repair damaged /dev/hda1 boot record

Date: Sun Jul 02 2000 - 20:33:20 EST

This is not really related to linux kernel development. But to answer it
requires certain expertise on Linux knowledge. Please allow me to ask
here. My problem is as following. I deinstalled win2k by brutforcely
removed windows directory. There are many files left on my C: root
directory. I made a copy of them and delete files except those ones
essential to MSDOS/win98. Now I cannot boot into win98.

Fortunately I installed dual boot. I can boot into Linux still. Works
fine. This suggests Partition table is ok. When I try to use Lilo, it says
that /dev/hda1 boot sector damaged.

My question is: is there any tools under Linux that can automatically
repair such kinda of disk failure and recover the windows98 system
(someone needs it to send email coz I got a motorola soft modem). I know I
can do it by "dd" and partition table correction. Just wonder if there is
such a cool software that does the job already.

Please send your answer to my email addr. I procmailed this email list...
Thanks a lot!


P.S. any bios function call C library available for Linux? That way, I
might just write code myself to do it? Or do I have to start from assembly
code? :-\

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