Re: Small bugfix in ext2/namei.c

From: Dr. Michael Weller (
Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 05:47:44 EST

Sorry, I've no idea about the ext2 and fs implementation.
However did you read the comment below and convince yourself that 'err' is
always set correctly?

I'm just asking because you don't mention it and no patch to
ext2_new_inode that makes it set err correctly is provided. It could be
the comment was wrong, but I doubt it. This gives me the odd feeling that
you are fixing things in the wrong place and add new bugs. Please check

Also, I might be wrong, but maybe you should submit things to Alan, not
Linus, could be it suffices to post them here though.


.... cite from your patch: ...
- * N.B. Several error exits in ext2_new_inode don't set err.
+ * Errors like EDQUOT can happen...


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