[patch] smbfs update for 2.2.18-pre[12]

From: Urban Widmark (urban@svenskatest.se)
Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 17:26:20 EST


Patch vs pre1 but also applies vs pre2:


Changes are mostly from 2.4.0-test7:
        * proc.c: add back lanman2 support (OS/2 and others)
        * proc.c: check length of paths to avoid buffer overflow
        * proc.c: don't do interruptable_sleep in smb_retry to avoid signal
        * proc.c: O_RDONLY & smb_revalidate_inode fix (tail -f)
        * proc.c: add nls support
        * sock.c: attempt to fix smb_data_callback (avoid infinite loop)

The lanman2 is a partial undo of some changes made for 2.2.16 that caused
problems for OS/2 users.

"attempt to fix" should perhaps now be "appears to fix". A problem with
lockups (infinite loop with BKL held?) that appears to go away. But the
debug outputs haven't told us why. Doing while(1) after a lock_kernel()
seems dangerous anyway.


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