RE: thread group comments

From: David Schwartz (
Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 18:00:49 EST

> 3rd Problem: one uid/gid process-wide
> All the ID (uid/guid/euid/egid/...) must be process wide. The problem
> is similar to the signal handler. I think one should again keep the
> information exclusively in the master thread and have all others refer
> to this information.

        Other than that it's required by the POSIX standard, can you see any real
use for this? It's generally an obstacle you have to code around.

        What I would suggest is that the Linux kernel continue the way it is. The
race conditions in this are unavoidable, so let's just acknowledge them and
live with them.

        The pthreads library can do the horrible deed of getting each thread to
change it's *id. At the very worst, add a kernel facility to change all the
*ids in a group and let the pthreads library code use it.

        But to hack the kernel to have one set of *ids for all the threads is
illogical. It would make it unduly hard to have different threads serving
requests on behalf of different clients with different security contexts.


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