Re: 2.2.18pre2: gcc 2.7 doesn't like __attr__((unused))

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Sat Sep 02 2000 - 06:02:20 EST

> I'm not sure if __attribute__((unused)) has an equivalent in gcc 2.7,
> but as it appears in the AGP driver, it doesn't work with gcc 2.7.

Try static void __attribute((unused)) unused(void)

That should fix it

> Below is the patch I used to get AGP to compile, but I don't recommend
> it for adoption in the standard source tree.

Arjan is looking at making __setup from 2.4 work on 2.4 at the same time
as I am trying to clean up all the duplicated 2.4 compat code in drivers.
The end goal is that most 2.4 code will work in 2.2, which means I can
sensibly encourage vendors to develop directly to the 2.4 API

Right now I'm having a lot of 'you'll want to forward port to 2.4 and XYZ
will need fixiing', 'Oh we dont care until (list of vendors) release a 2.4
product' type discussions


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