Re: Linux 2.2.18pre2

From: Jes Sorensen (
Date: Sat Sep 02 2000 - 16:17:31 EST

>>>>> "David" == David S Miller <> writes:

> Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 19:01:18 +0100 (BST) From: Alan Cox
> <>

> o Acenic 0.45 fixes (Chip Salzenberg)

David> This adds a huge comment claiming to fix some race condition,
David> but no actual code is changed. How can this be? :-)

I guess Alan applied the patch earlier and now took the rest of the
changes for the 'official' driver release.

I have a few more patches coming up soon, look out for a v0.46 release
coming to an http site near you within too long.

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