Re: Stuck at 1GB again

From: Kanoj Sarcar (
Date: Sun Sep 03 2000 - 12:26:48 EST

> Some time ago, the list was very helpful in solving my programs
> failing at the limit of real memory rather than expanding into
> swap under linux 2.2.

I can;t say what your actual problem is, but in previous experiments,
I have seen these as the main cause:

1. shortage of real memory (ram + swap). I don't think this is your

2. resource limit problems: some resource limits were defined as
"int/long" instead of "unsigned int/long", but these should have
been fixed.

3. inability of malloc to find a contiguous range of virtual space in
userland: this depends on libraries used etc, that eat up chunks of
the user space. This might be your problem. (Hint: code a while(1)
loop before any malloc happens in your program, then use "cat
/proc/pid/maps", where pid is the pid of your running program, to
see the user space virtual address allocation; you might not see
a contiguous 3Gb chunk for malloc).

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