[PATCH] Beos FS support for 2.2.16

From: Miles Lott (milos@insync.net)
Date: Sun Sep 03 2000 - 13:56:12 EST

Pardon me for my not reading the FAQ regarding posting of patches
prior to this...

Attached is a patch to 2.2.16 to add readonly beos fs support
to 2.2.16. Changes in the this patch include:

1. renaming of module to beos.o and of config to CONFIG_BEOS_FS
2. fixed support for nls character sets
3. cleanup of lookup to become a dentry struct rather than int

This patch still contains some debugging printk's. These are the only
debugging info calls that work, so there is work needed to fix or remove
the included debug.c functions and info, as needed.

Readonly seems to work well on X86, but I need someone to please test on
other BEOS platforms, etc.

Miles Lott

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