Re: zero-copy TCP

From: Jes Sorensen (
Date: Mon Sep 04 2000 - 10:17:17 EST

>>>>> "Jamie" == Jamie Lokier <> writes:

Jamie> Nice point! Only valid for TCP & UDP though.

Jamie> When people want _real_ low latency, they don't use TCP or UDP,
Jamie> and they certainly don't put data checksums at the start. They
Jamie> still aim for zero copies. That pass, even over cached data,
Jamie> is still significant.

In this case you really want to do a user space driver implementation
to avoid the cost of context switches. This is how a lot of people use
the Myrinet (afaik) and there were also some of the guys at CERN who
did a similar driver for the AceNIC at the same time I wrote the first
version of the 'normal' driver.


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