Re: Problems with Athlon

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Mon Sep 04 2000 - 16:19:40 EST

> I would have liked to install RH 6.2 on the Athlon (700MHz) computer.
> The installation from local CD was very easy, however, after reboot
> I received some error messages. My questions are:
> 1. What exctly does a "Disabling CPUID Serial Number ... general protection
> fault: 000" mean?
> 2. What do I do about "Kernel panic - Attempted to kill the iddles task"
> and "In swapper task - not syncing"
> 3. How can I repair these problems?

Its a bug in the RH6.2 kernel when it meets the newer Athlon processors. If you
bought it with support then support will happily guide you through it if not
then see

about booting off the cd and changing kernel

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