Re: [ANNOUNCE] Withdrawl of Open Source NDS Project/NTFS/M2FS for Linux

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Mon Sep 04 2000 - 19:13:51 EST

> This is why Linus does not allow a debugging facility like this into
> the kernel, so people spend time _thinking_ when they go hunting down
> bugs.

I spend my time thinking. But I prefer to spend it thinking about the bug
not about finding it and how long fsck takes. There are only a few things I
think Linus is a complete loon about 8) but the debugging stuff is one.

Things like GUI source level kernel debugging, nice graphs of things like
cache line reloads between two points and run time spinlock deadlock
validation and lock tracking (the last one is on my todo list only right now)
are rather useful

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