Re: [unpatch] ide cd-audio broken in 2.2.17preN (N >= 2)

From: Jens Axboe (
Date: Mon Sep 04 2000 - 19:25:41 EST

On Mon, Sep 04 2000, Nathan Myers wrote:
> The IDE CD audio driver is broken in the 2.2.17pre series, since 2.2.17pre2.
> I have attached below the patch fragment that causes the problem, and the
> console error messages that appear. Backing out the one change fixes CD
> audio playback in 2.2.17pre20, on this machine.

... which then breaks on some SCSI. Could you try the attached patch
instead? CDROMPLAYTRKIND ought not to be used by players that wish
to work on ATAPI as well as SCSI, but since that has been used before
this patch emulates that particular command using a generic equivalent.
We used to emulate the command with PLAY_AUDIO_MSF on both ATAPI and
SCSI, but that breaks pre SCSI-2 CD-ROM's...

Another solution is to emulate PLAY_AUDIO_TRACK_INDEX with PLAY_AUDIO_10
on both, but that probably breaks some other innocent non-standard
drives (and looses the neat although rarely used index feature).

Against 2.2.18-pre3

* Jens Axboe <>
* SuSE Labs

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