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From: Albert D. Cahalan (
Date: Mon Sep 04 2000 - 23:03:51 EST

Alan Cox writes:
> [somebody]

>> Excuse me? How the hell do you expect them to "clean up their act" when
>> their "dialup" users are the problem? Are you gonna scan 250,000 machines
>> to make sure they aren't running SMTP servers? Trap all port 25 traffic?
> FreeServe in the UK have over 3 million dialup users and no spam problem.

First of all, the "250,000" is wrong:

As of June 26, 2000
excess of 730,000 customers
grows at 200% per year

Second, dialup users don't have enough bandwidth to matter.
Bouncing SPAM across a 42 or 24 kb/s modem link is insignificant.

>> It's the same problem EVERY ISP has. RR is just higher profile because
>> of the number of users. Cable/DSL are unlike traditional dialup in that
>> you are always connected as long as the machine is on.
> Then they need more competant admins. It isnt _hard_ to transproxy
> outgoing smtp traffic via a spamtrapper that checks for valid
> src/destination and headers.

Tell me, would you like this done to you? You may assume typical
corporate enhancements: no PGP, filter runs on Windows 2000, any
unknown headers get stripped out, etc.

Don't suggest something you wouldn't like done to you.

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